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Intuitive Psychoanalysis

Individual Sessions

I tend to refer to myself as "not your typical therapist." I believe that there is a great benefit in integrating clinical theory and spiritual knowledge and practice. There is currently a disconnect between these two areas of practice due to the empirically supportive research available on clinically informed treatment (such as psychoanalysis) and much less available on the spiritual practice of using intuition (such as clairvoyance “clear seeing,” clairaudience “clear hearing,” clairsentience “clear feeling,” and claircognizance “clear knowing").

I define Intuitive Psychoanalysis (IP) as a form of integrative psychotherapy that utilizes intuition to uncover what the client experiences but may not be consciously aware of.  Integrating an energy space of mind, body, and spirit assists clients in compassionately understanding how their internal and external conflicts, behaviors, values, beliefs, and relationships are highly influenced by their subconscious programming of past experiences. This process assists clients discern their belief and behavioral patterns as well as identify, integrate, and apply their new truth.  

​Psychoanalysis looks to understand how your current behaviors and thoughts have been affected by unconscious and subconscious programming based on events that you experienced in childhood.  Whereas intuition allows you to know something without reasoning or analysis from the conscious mind. Sometimes the understanding of your “why” isn’t enough to promote new behavior, and using intuitive knowledge gained within the session allows a space to promote an additional avenue of reflection and possibility. I look to not only model but guide you in raising your own intuitive knowledge and understanding and how to utilize it in daily practice. 

Individual Therapy: Welcome
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