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My Transformative Journey

Dr. Tina Vitolo, DSW, LCSW

To the courageous soul reading this, I want to acknowledge the vulnerability and discomfort that it took to make the decision to seek guidance. It’s probably one of the most uncomfortable, confusing, and fearful decisions to make. Even though you may not know what the journey in front of you may look like, choosing to move forward on a path that embraces your worth and leads to enlightenment is never a bad idea. 

When I look back on what aspects of my journey supported my growth and transformation, it was my exposure to inspiring individuals who were willing to share their story, journey, and process in a vulnerable and motivating way. For me, this created a sense of safety and encouragement to challenge myself in new ways. As a healer, I have made a promise to myself to show up as authentically as I can to model safe vulnerability to my clients. 

Just like you, I have experienced (and still do experience) stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, confusion, anger, shame, and guilt. For a very long time, these emotions promoted behaviors that negatively reinforced my worth, value, and purpose. These emotions invaded my thought process and truly had me believing a narrative that was completely false. I found myself in the same scenario over and over and over and was blaming others for why it was occurring. It is so uncomfortable and challenging to accept that your responses, perceptions, and actions could be creating the scenarios in your life that you wish didn’t exist. However, it’s even more debilitating to never realize the power you have to change the trajectory and beliefs about your life. 

If there is one promise I can make to my clients, it is that I will never guide you to practice, learn, or integrate something I have never personally tried. I believe it is extremely important for anyone in the healing profession to engage in their own emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

I have been blessed to have been educated in both clinical and complementary and alternative practices and truly believe that it is the integration of both that has developed my personal and professional theory of change. If as you are reading this, you feel inclined to connect and create a partnership on your transformative journey, please explore my services page. 

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My Qualifications

Dr. Tina Vitolo, DSW, LCSW

Doctor of Social Work

Florida Atlantic Univeristy

I received my DSW in May 2022. My research focused on enhancing the understanding of Complementary and Alternative Interventions (CAI) in clinical social work practice. I believe that the holistic framework of CAI allows for more inclusion and collaboration to occur in clinical practice, particularly in mental health. My overall goal is to enhance the overall experience of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in both how it is a received and how it is delivered.

Master of Social Work

New York University

I graduated with my Master's degree in Social Work in 2006. I am currently licensed (LCSW) in New York, Florida, and Georgia. I am also a Qualified Supervisor for the state of Florida.

Certification in the LifeLine Technique

May 2019

The LifeLine Technique® is a 16-step process of raising consciousness using 14+ different complementary and alternative modalities. The LifeLine Technique® is a mind medicine practice for intentionally processing pain, fear, and stress. It navigates the realm of the subconscious mind to transform problems in your life into a portal of the next greatest version of your life.

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