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Who I work with: About Me

Is this you?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the need to please others.

  • Struggling with setting and maintaining boundaries.

  • Constantly seeking validation and approval from others.

  • Experiencing anxiety and guilt when prioritizing personal needs.

  • Feeling responsible for others' emotions and well-being.

  • Attracting and staying in unhealthy and toxic relationships.

  • Difficulty expressing your own needs and desires.

  • Feeling drained and depleted from giving too much.

  • Scared of being abandoned or rejected

  • Experiencing low self-worth and self-esteem.

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If you're nodding along, feeling like I just recited your own personal script, I understand. I've been there too. I know what it's like to navigate the tangled web of codependency, where the desire to care for others becomes a suffocating burden, and where the search for love often leads to unhealthy dynamics and heartache. But here's the beautiful part – I've also experienced the transformation, the journey from feeling trapped in those patterns to breaking free and creating a life filled with balance, fulfillment, and healthy relationships. And now, I'm here to guide you through that same journey.

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How does this sound?

  • Learning to prioritize self-care and self-love.

  • Establishing healthy boundaries in relationships.

  • Developing assertiveness and effective communication skills.

  • Cultivating self-awareness and mindfulness practices.

  • Healing past wounds and traumas.

  • Rediscovering passions and interests outside of relationships.

  • Embracing vulnerability and authenticity.

  • Exploring and honoring personal values and beliefs.

  • Cultivating a sense of independence and autonomy

  • Build a balanced and fulfilling life filled with joy and excitement

Who I work with: List

This is what we can build together: a roadmap to rediscovering your worth, reclaiming your power, and attracting the love and relationships you deserve

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Are we a good fit?

Good fit!

  • Open to holistic approaches to health and healing.

  • Takes accountability for their actions and is ready to make positive changes.

  • Eager, excited, and ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Comfortable with discomfort and willing to explore old belief systems.

  • Recognizes and willing to address patterns that no longer serve them.

  • Enthusiastic about personal development and committed to their own growth.

  • Understands the importance of active participation in the therapeutic process.

Not so good fit..

  • Prefers conventional, clinical approaches to therapy.

  • No interest in exploring holistic or alternative healing modalities.

  • Avoids taking responsibility for their actions and making necessary changes.

  • Closed off to examining and changing old belief systems or patterns.

  • May lean towards seeking quick solutions without delving into deeper issues.

  • Might anticipate the therapist to take the lead entirely, without actively engaging or fully committing to the therapeutic process.

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